Exclusive Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Designs

No fancy home decor is complete without a modular kitchen and bathroom. With the invention of modern technology and mechanisms, ample new devices and techniques are out in the market to help re-do your kitchen and bathroom space for a spectacular finish to your home design.

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Post Date : 27-10-2017

Tips to be kept in mind before, during, and after a Renovation Procedure

Maintaining the safety of your family members during home renovations is a risky and a challenging affair. Thus, there are a few safety tips that must always be adopted to avoid any dangers. Adopting safety measures is fundamentally a three-step procedure, safety tips adopted prior to the process, safety tips followed during the process and safety measures taken after the remodeling process.

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Post Date : 25-10-2017

High-Quality Renovation Services to Make Your Renovations Beautiful

Transform your dreams into a reality by planning the perfect remodel for your homes and properties. Plan efficiently and consult professionals to aid you in the process. You can also avail the high-quality services offered by experienced renovation companies to execute your remodel with excellence and perfection. Here are a few services that you can avail to accomplish your renovation procedure with supremacy.

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Post Date : 16-10-2017

Ravishing Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Old Kitchen into an Attractive One

Kitchen renovations give your kitchen a significant face-lift and also improve its working conditions. Though it is a burdensome and a challenging task, the end results are worth everything. Nothing is better than an updated, organised, and a beautiful kitchen. Cooking and working becomes much easier after you have renovated your kitchen and made it better, both in its utility and in its outlook.

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Post Date : 09-10-2017

Give your shop a new look with professional Joinery

KitchenNet is the name for all sorts of customization of houses, shops, clinics, hotels etc. as we deal with every solutions relating to kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, providing Joinery services, shop fittings etc. The first thing that falls into the eyes of the person visiting to place is the presentation and the order. A beautiful shop will help you in attracting more and more customers than a regular store. Before we move any further let’s get to know more about the shop fitting and the joinery services in general.

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Post Date : 08-09-2017

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Sydney North Shore

When taking on a kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right kitchen cabinets is one of the most significant decisions a homeowner will make. The cabinets are often front and center in a kitchen space, so homeowners need to think carefully about their choices to ensure that they make a selection they will be happy with for the next several years.
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Post Date : 10-04-2017

Door Finishes

Polyurethane Doors:

  • Unlimited colour selection, easy to match your home style.
  • A classy surface with rich gloss, matt or smooth satin finish.
  • Made of 18mm MDF board and sprayed with two-pack (colour+ hardener) polyurethane.
  • Option to have grooves and patterns
  • Easy to clean and will last a long time if care is taken.

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Post Date : 03-04-2017

Steps to your kitchen renovation:

Firstly measurement, draft designing, choosing kitchen facilities, get quotations and timeline for the kitchen renovation (Normally signing of contract to delivery takes aprox. 4 weeks) You cannot use your kitchen for around 2 weeks. Works involved in this period are as follows:

1. Remove old kitchen (app.1 day)
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Post Date : 03-02-2017