Door Finishes

Door Finishes

Polyurethane Doors:

  • Unlimited colour selection, easy to match your home style.
  • A classy surface with rich gloss, matt or smooth satin finish.
  • Made of 18mm MDF board and sprayed with two-pack (colour+ hardener) polyurethane.
  • Option to have grooves and patterns
  • Easy to clean and will last a long time if care is taken.

Laminate Doors:

  • Come in a range of colours and patterns with edges either PVC or ABS (slightly more environmentally friendly than PVC).
  • Can have matching laminate edges or in other materials such as aluminium and timer.
  • Decorative board with the colour applied to both sides.
  • Economical & durable. The most popular surfaces that customers chose.
  • Easy cleaning finish
  • Cost-effective way to create a quality kitchen.

Timber Doors:

  • Produced by natural solid timber and finished in satin clear polyurethane.
  • A timeless classic finish that has been around for years.
  • Create a warm and cosy feeling in a kitchen and can suit both modern or country kitchen designs.
  • Can be hand painted to create a unique kitchen.
  • Perfect for traditional design kitchen with country style.

Vacuum Formed Doors:

  • Made of 18mm MDF board, moisture resistant substrate.
  • Grooved surface and covered with vinyl material.
  • Wrapped over the door using vacuum, process was invented to keep the door scratch resistant.
  • Many colours and profiles available with cost saving solutions.
  • Have to keep the distance from the oven to avoid the heat.

Post Date : 03-04-2017

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