Kitchen Renovation Tips

Quality of the products
Make sure the cabinets and doors made from high density, water resistant board.

Take time to get at least three quotations, compare who give you better offer, not only the price but also the equal quality of the products and services.

Check the company if it has kitchen and bathroom renovation licence or not, and each trades person has the licence as well. Some home owners trying to save money by doing the work themselves or reducing cost by hiring unqualified trades people. This is not only take your valuable time, it’s also could cost you much more when thing goes wrong. Eventually, when you resale your property, the buyers will notice.

List What you need
Write a list of what you don’t like about your current kitchen – is it lack of light, the storage or benchtop space, small drawers, not enough power outlets, a single sink, wrong position of oven? A new design gives you the chance to fix those problems.

Future Needs
Go beyond aesthetics. The kitchen should make the house more liveable and future upgrade should be considered. For example when you want to sell your house, consider what the potential buyers needs.

Choosing Appliances
You need to decide on functionality as well as quality. If purchasing a number of appliances at once, it is also worth considering buying all in the same brand. This way the set will match and you may be able to obtain a discount from the supplier.

Store Small Appliances
Avoid an overly industrial look in your kitchen by hiding the microwave oven, toaster, blender, and other tabletop appliances in an appliance garage with a door.

More drawers
Use pull-out drawers rather than reach-in, conventional cabinets for greatest convenience. If you’re retro-fitting existing cabinets, have pull-out trays installed.

Check List
Get a fixed price contract. Check what services included, such as delivery, installation, materials of the bench top made.

Investment Return
The new kitchen from Kitchen Net can increase your property’s rental income, and also could higher your property’s resale value.

Tax Invoice
Always keep your tax invoice for the tax purpose, which you can deduct this purchase against the capital gain tax.

Green our environments
Make sure the products are meeting the International Environment Standard.

Products Warranty
Don’t forget to ask your kitchen company how many years warranty do they give to you.

Old Kitchen
Remove your old kitchen once you confirmed the tradesmen (plumber, electrician, and kitchen installer.) start their works on next day.

Why Kitchen Net?
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